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Unna, Germany

The offices of Werner Sonntag Consulting are situated about 10 km east of Unna, near the major road (Bundesstrasse 1) between Unna and Werl. It is easily reached via the motorway intersection Unna/Kamen as well as via the regional airport, Dortmund. Intercity connections for the German Federal Railway are available in Dortmund and Hamm.


Werner Sonntag Consulting
Hemmerder Hellweg 50
D - 59427 Unna

Tel: 0049 (0) 2308-2237
Mob: 0049 (0) 175-1791495
Mob: 0086 (0) 139-11563812
e-mail: wernersonntag@yahoo.de

Website: www.wernersonntag.de