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  Dipl.Ing. Werner Sonntag Consulting
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1.  Lecture at the Academy of Crafts in NRW Castle Raesfeld, in Raesfeld, on "Doing Business
     in China".

2.  Building up a main traders' plant covering China for the firm, Höfner GmbH & Co. KG
     in Baiersdorf near Nürnberg.

3.  Negotiations on licence contracts for the Rösler Group in Dortmund.

4.  Managing the trade fair in Beijing for the music producer, Schott in Mainz.

5.  Analysis of procurement for musical instruments for a music house in the Ruhr district.

6.  Building up a warehouse and acting as storekeeper for musical instrument wood
     for Luwa in Neckargemund.

7.  Analysis of provision with price negotiations for the Rösler Group in Dortmund.

8.  Registration of trade names for the Wagner Alarm and Security Systems Ltd in Langenfeld.

9.  Market Research for organ builders, Jäger and Brommer in Waldkirch/Black Forest

10. In charge of the Chinese delegation at the Economic Promotion Company, Hamm

11. Consultant for provision and deliveries for Mavicon AG, Unna

12. Location advice in Germany for the Sunwin company in Zhajiang, China

13. Publication consultant for the Fraunhofer Company for Logistics in Dortmund

14. Lecture on "Doing Business" for the Lion's Club in the City of Höxter and City of Unna

15. Planning, implementing and manning a trade stand for Lowa Neckargemünd and Orgelbau
      Jäger and Brommer

16. Various technical translations for Personnel Consultancy Dirks in Essen

17. Consultant for the product range of a violin factory in Hebei Province, China.

18. ... and many other such projects.